Tumble Dryer Repair

Why get your tumble dryer repaired by FirstFix?

When the tumble dryer breaks, the house quickly turns from a relaxed and tidy environment into one where clothing is hanging everywhere in order to dry.

 Our engineers are happy to fix your tumble dryer in one visit, using a van stocked with the parts most likely to be needed for a full repair on-site. If they find anything unusual, they can order more specialised parts while they’re at your house. They’ll have everything they need to repair most models of dryers without having to make a second visit.

All Repairs Guaranteed

Our experience leaves us confident that we can solve any problem you might be experiencing.

Common Tumble Dryer faults we specialise in ...

We can service all your tumble dryer needs, including gas, condenser, heat pump, vented, and compact space saver models.

Book your repair today.

If your tumble dryer is causing problems, then give FirstFix a call today to book an engineer callout in the next couple of days.

We repair all major brands including...